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This site is not intended to provide medical advice and/or treatment guidance. It is produced by Roche as the licensed distributor of Foundation Medicine products outside of the US.


About Foundation Medicine


Foundation Medicine is a world-leading molecular insights company, connecting physicians and their patients to the latest cancer treatment approaches and making precision medicine a reality for thousands.

In Malaysia, Roche’s pharmaceutical division is the licensed distributor of FoundationOne® CDx and FoundationOne® Liquid CDx (for patients with solid tumours) and FoundationOne® Heme (for patients with sarcomas), offering Comprehensive Genomic Profiling services and decision support tools that may inform cancer treatment decisions.


What’s the process for having FoundationOne Genomic Profiling?


If you and your doctor decide that the FoundationOne® CDx, FoundationOne® Liquid CDx or FoundationOne® Heme test is right for you, your doctor will order the appropriate profile, and send a sample of your tumour or your blood to be analysed.

*DNA and RNA are extracted from samples for FoundationOne Heme testing.



Allow up to seven days for your local laboratory in Malaysia to source and prepare your sample for shipment.

After the sample is received in USA, for FoundationOne® CDx or FoundationOne® Liquid CDx, it typically takes 14 days for your doctor to receive the report. FoundationOne® Heme takes approximately 21 days.

Discuss with your doctor whether Foundation Medicine testing could be right for you. If you decide on Foundation Medicine testing, your doctor will be able to order the test.

Payment Model

We at Roche Foundation Medicine are dedicated to transforming cancer care and continue to take steps to ensure that advanced cancer patients are receiving personalised care plans based on the results from comprehensive genomic profiling. With this in mind, we would like to introduce our new payment model - the F1-ZiiP (FoundationOne Zero-interest instalment Plan) program.

The F1-ZiiP program allows you to convert the cost of the FoundationOne test in convenient 6-monthly or 12-monthly instalments at no interest*

    *currently for Public Bank and HSBC cardholders only

Alternatively, you can make full payment for the FoundationOne test with your credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

If you would like to understand further, please speak to your doctor whether Foundation Medicine testing could be right for you or you may reach out to us at



Learn more about the F1-ZiiP program